Road Trip: Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras & Playa del Carmen

Last week…part of my family and I, travelled to three places in the Riviera Maya. Here are some of the photos I took with my cell phone.

Please enjoy them!


Isla Mujeres / La Isla Shopping Village Cancún…Autumn 2016 :D by Karla Vadillo

Here are the photos of a second visit to Isla Mujeres, some days later after the previous one. We also paid a visit to La Isla Shopping Village Cancún. All during the same weekend.

My lovely mother took those photos where I appear, wearing a two-piece black swimming suit and a white watch. I am by myself -on the photos- walking to and from the ocean.

We did make a stop at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach to attend Sunday Catholic Mass with Vicar Stefano, aiding Father Joseph Nguyen who is in Vatican City today.

In case you want to visit my social networks, on Facebook my name appears as Karla Patricia Vadillo.

The photos…please enjoy and thank you.


Universal International Pictures Mexico…

I was checking some photos and found these. They are from the event that Universal hosted on December 2007. Before this date, Universal formed an alliance with another studio in Mexico.

Those appearing on the photo gallery are mostly film industry members from: Universal International Pictures, Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures México, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Columbia Tristar Films de México, Cineteca Nacional, Ambulante, Gussi Artecinema, Servicios Cinematográficos Sotomayor, etc.

Hope you like them.


I opened Instagram last year after finishing a course with MoMA (Art & Inquiry for Your Classroom) and another one with Calarts (Live! History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers) and chose to have several versions of what I posted.

In fact, once I simply deleted the whole account, waited for a couple of weeks and started a new one. This was having a clean slate again, a new page. It has been fun and followers liked it.

Here is one of the versions. Hope you enjoy it!